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Meet the Founders


At the heart of COCOFOUR are the people that dedicate their time to creating, building and developing our brand. Below, meet the founders of COCOFOUR and understand where our name came from, what inspires our brand and what you have to look forward to…

Where did the name COCOFOUR come from?

The most important thing about creating our brand was ensuring that our name encapsulated our image. We spent a lot of time discussing different ideas and started homing in on names using our favourite scent – coconut. One day, one of us threw out the name ‘COCOFOUR’, which not only captures our favourite scent, but our collective lucky number! And the rest is history…

Do you have a favourite scent?

Whilst we love all of our scents, Pomegranate + Amber has to be one of our favourites, as it’s one that we always pick up and fall in love with all over again, it’s also one of our bestsellers. Bergamot + Orange is also a long standing favourite as it’s one of the original scents we launched with and it’s so fresh and light.

Why home fragrance?

We both adored candles and wanted to do something we’re passionate about. As we live together, we noticed just how much money we were spending on candles and home fragrance. One night after a few glasses of wine, sitting in our living room in an abundance of candles and diffusers, we came up with the idea and embarked on our journey!

What inspires you?

We are passionate about making high quality products that are made from sustainable sources and that actually look and smell good all the way to the end, not just the first time a candle is lit or a diffuser is opened. We were inspired by the Scandinavian “Hygge” way of living and wanted to create that cosy feeling with our candles. We continue to be inspired by other small businesses who are equally as passionate about handmade products that contain sustainable ingredients and are made in small batches. A lot of our stockists also share this passion and alongside our products sit some wonderful skincare products and artisan homewares.

What would you say is the hardest thing about candle making?

One thing we are very proud of is keeping consistency across all of our candles, but trust us, this isn’t easy! We knew from the beginning that we only wanted to use soy wax in our candles as it is a natural wax that contains no harmful toxins, but soy wax is notoriously hard to work with and it can behave differently across different batches, which can sometimes lead to imperfections. Both of our perfectionist natures combined with our desire to create a consistent product means every candle is hand poured and checked by us before it goes out of the door.

How many candles do you have in your house?

Too many to count! We love testing our candles and developing new products, so we are often testing different combinations of wax, fragrance, wicks etc. We also get to use any leftovers from our small batch productions, to burn in every room!

Apart from candles, reed diffusers and home sprays, do you envisage introducing anything else to the COCOFOUR range?

Our long term vision is to build upon our home fragrance brand and introduce other fragrance products such as bath and body. In the very near future, we will be adding sleep mists to our COCOFOUR range, so watch out! One of our favourite things to do is developing new products and we look forward to growing our COCOFOUR family of products.